Tuesday, October 13, 2009

LeRoy and Lindbergh

Last weekend I went to the Missouri Historical Society Research Library. While I was there, I asked about Dad's recording he made for them of his memories of Charles Lindbergh. They couldn't help me, but gave me a name of someone at the Museum that I could contact. So, I e-mailed her---she responded promptly that she had forwarded my inquiry to someone else.

Meanwhile, I was looking at this photo Mom had made of my Dad on this day at the museum. For some reason, I decided to take the photo off the shelf to see if Mom had written the date on the back.

She had the flyer for the event, a description of Dad's memories all in the back of the frame (That's my Mother!).
"June 13, 2002
Your Dad was 9 years old the parade passed his house on Forest Park Blvd. [Dad lived on the corner of Forest Park Blvd. and Newstead Click here ]
Hear say:
He over-heard Aunt Mamie [Maupin] Wilson and his mom talking. He stayed all night at Aunt Mamie's Room House (no motels) across the street."

To my recollection---Lindbergh was staying across the street in another rooming house. But, Mom's notes told me two things that I wanted to know---where Dad had seen the parade and which aunt had a boarding house. Thanks, Mom!

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