Monday, October 26, 2009

Tyrey Final Resting Places

After taking a detour around a flooded road, we finally found the Maness/Fletcher Cemetery.
It was beautifully maintained with a well-painted fence. Although some of the stones look broken, I think they were the origninal stones which were just rocks.
Although this is hard to read, I loved the colors and textures---it is for a J. E. Maness (but not one we are related to) Click here to see everyone in this cemetery.

This is the stone for Francis Marion Tyrey and his wife Sophia Marrah (not the original French spelling). He was Eliza Ellen Tyrey Reiter's oldest brother----Mary Reiter Long's uncle.
Linda shared this photo of Francis Tyrey and Sophia. He looks so much like my great uncle Clarence Long (the little blond boy sitting on a stool in the middle) and his son Clyde Long.

After lunch, we wanted to find the Poor Farm where Jacob Tyrey (Francis and Eliza's father) spent his final days.
Using my plat map and a current map of Jefferson County, we were able to locate the buildings (Although these building look like abandoned houses, if you click on them to enlarge them, you'll see satellite dishes on them) We don't know why Jacob Tyrey was at the Poor Farm but he was quite old. One of his descendants recalls hearing about "the old man at the Poor Farm". He lived there from 1896-1899. We assume he died there and is in an unmarked grave. Click here for more information on the "Poor Farm."

Cousin Dwight said there is a cemetery nearby, but we didn't visit it. I still think Jacob Tyrey is probably in an unmarked grave nearby although the article on the Poor House says many paupers are buried in Neeley Cemetery in Hillsboro, MO.

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