Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tyrey Country

Linda (married to a distant cousin) and I decided to try to find the old Tyrey homestead---where Jacob Tyrey (my g-g-g grandfather) lived. First, we crossed Tyrey Creek many times which was full after all of the rain we've had this fall.
Linda had a map which certainly helped us find the Tyrey Homestead, but we were disappointed to see it had burned down.It had been a log cabin, I believe. We don't know when the fire was but it was definitely within the past 20 years.
Here are the tags on the front post which shows that whoever owned the property had paid for fire protection up until 1988.
Linda's eagle eyes found a little foot bridge over Tyrey Creek.
Next, we decided to try Tyrey Road. I was pretty impressed that these gravel roads had street signs. Tyrey Road, however, was a little travelled gravel road.
Yeah, that's mud on the windshield. . .we got to someone's yard where there was a gate to keep us from going on up the road, so we turned around and decided to try to find the Maness Cemetery where many of our relatives were buried.
Although our map had directed us to a different Oak Grove Church, we think this was the Oak Grove Church where the Tyrey families belonged.
But, the road to the church and cemetery had water flowing very swiftly across it. We decided that would not be wise to cross this stream.We stopped by the post office to see if there was another way to get to Maness Cemetery. The postmaster just laughed when she found where we had been. She,then, told us how to get around this water hazard.

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