Tuesday, September 29, 2009

H.B. Morgan's Letter Oct. 29, 1945

This photo above of Dave was a whole year before the letter below was written by his grandfather on the same day.
This letter to his son Grover Morgan is mostly about the car that Grover is to drive when he gets home from the army.
Grover's brother, Paul, was able to get new tires and needed to get a new battery for the car.
This photo of Harry and Dave was July 1947, but notice Dave is still wearing the same hat that he wore 3 years earlier.


Rachel • cREaTe said...

could dad look MORE like brett? [or the other way around] seriously!!! :)

DaveM said...

I think Rachel is about right. I hadn't realized how much my [early, at least] pictures look like Brett does these days. / Dave