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John D. Maupin and Mary Louise Campbell

Double click on any of these documents to see them larger. The great-grandchild of John D. Maupin and Mary Louise Campbell shared these documents with me. His wife asked me if I could help her identify any of the photos which I've added to her identifications below. John D. Maupin and Mary Louise Campbell had a 50th Anniversary Party in Teague Texas.

The Teague Chronicle dated Dec 21, 1939 (above) And the names of those in attendance were:
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Long and children Maxine, Mary and Ronald of St. Louis, MO. (Vivian Maupin Long was John D. Maupin's niece)
Annie Maupin and Miss Betty Maupin, De Soto, MO.(Annie Reed Maupin is the widow of John D. Maupin's brother Henry Maupin---Betty is one of her granddaughters)
Mr. & Mrs. F. R. Maupin (and I think this is a typo by the newspaper and should be I. R. Maupin) of Kansas City, MO (Ira Maupin was one of John D. Maupin's brothers)
Grace Gideon of Tulsa, Okla (Minnie & Fred's sister Pearl G. Campbell?)
Mr. & Mrs. J. W. King of Dallas(this would be Neva Bee Campbell sister of Minnie & Fred)
Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Bourland of Dallas
Miss Johnnye Maupin of Dallas (grandaughter of J. D. & Minnie; Johnnye's dad was Campbell Rexford Maupin)
Mr. & Mrs Loyd Allen of Esterville, Iowa (this is Irene "Dee Dee" Maupin, dau. of J. D. & Minnie)
Mr. & Mrs. O. T. Maupin of Waco, TX (Oliver was John D. Maupin's brother)
Grace Campbell of Waco(Fred & Minnie's sister)
Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Maupin of Waco( Jack was son of O.T. and was the nephew of J. D. & Minnie)
Mrs. Sam Bill Bournias
Mr. & Mrs. M. M. Cain of Teague
Mr. & Mrs. R. C. Castleberry, of Teague
Mr. & Mrs. L. R. Boyd Jr. of Teague
Mr. & Mrs. J. Bob Ham, Bobbie Dee and Robert Clinton of Teague
Mr. & Mrs. F. S. Campbell and Fred Jr. of Teague (Fred Sr. was Minnie's brother)

First row left Grace Campbell, next to her I think is Grace Gideon, Minnie's sister, because they look so much alike, next on her right (looking dapper with vest and bowtie) is J. D. Maupin, Minnie (with flower corsage) and Annie Reed Maupin (widow of J.D's brother Henry). Behind Annie a girl in light grey (?) dress with dark collar is Johnnye Pauline Maupin. Behind her is Vivian Maupin Long (daughter of Henry and Annie Reed Maupin) and the man behind her is her husband Roy Long. I think this was just a group photo of selected people as there are no children.

I just talked to my aunt Mary after she got a copy of the photo. She says Uncle Ira is the stout man behind the three women in the front. She remembers Uncle Ira as being really heavy---maybe even 300 lbs. The woman next to him may be his first wife. Then, the man next to her may be Uncle Oliver Maupin. She also recalled that she, her parents and grandmother took the train to Waco and then went in a car to Teague.

My Aunt Mary who attended the event as a child remembers that Minnie and John D. Maupin were very gracious hosts with servants and delicious, but rich food. The goat's milk and butter were too rich for her Depression-era eating habits.

Mary remembers Teague was not very big with just one paved street. She and her father Roy Long rode horses down the street and although she was proud of how well her father rode, she'd not been on a horse and flopped up and down. She recalls that John D. Maupin was probably the wealthiest of the brothers although all of the brothers worked for the railroad. John D. had a town house and a ranch.

Despite the newspaper article, Mary said she was the only child who attended from Missouri---her brother, sister and cousin Betty did not attend. She remembers two elegant young ladies who went to college in California who invited her to wear their riding gear but they were more petite than she was. Someone gave her a set of antlers which she had to take back on the train to St. Louis. She has warm memories of the event and had talked to me about it on previous occasions.

This photo is either of Maupins, Campbells or possibly the Buck Castleberry family, but we don't know who they are. Please contact Jaclyn Morgan if you can identify anyone in either of the photos.

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