Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wes Wicker--fisherman

Last week when we were in Alabama, we saw fishermen everywhere--for some it was a family event that reminded me of the times I went fishing with my grandfather Wes Wicker. Although I don't have a photo of me and Grandpa fishing, here's one of my grandmother who accompanied him on many fishing trips to Bull Shoals, Table Rock Lake, Lake Wappapello, Kentucky Lake.
I went with him frequently on "local" fishing trips---sometime just across the river in Illinois, sometimes ponds on a farm. I don't think my mother ever let me go fishing on the river with him. I can't imagine why he would take me---I talked and asked questions all of the time---so, it couldn't have been relaxing or peaceful. But, he did take me and called me his "Fishing Buddy"---I cherish those times.
I'm not sure who the gentleman on the left is. It's clear that Grandpa caught "a mess of fish." But I did find these cards in his wallet and wonder if there were times he just stopped by a fish market when the fish weren't biting.
When we were in Alabama, we noticed a sign that said "Salt Water Fishing License Required". It hadn't occurred to us that there would be a difference. Here are Grandpa's last fishing license---frankly I think he fudged on the height and weight just a little.

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