Sunday, March 22, 2009

Louise's memories: her early years

The photo above clockwise beginning left: Clara Hall, Macy Williams Wicker Hall (Louise Wicker Long's grandmother), James Wesley Wicker (Louise's father), Obie Hall, Ruth Hall, George Henry Hall.

No one seems to know why my grandmother Vennie Watson Wicker went to Hornersville to live with Maggie Williams (wife of Luther Williams). Helen, Maggie's daughter, said, "Mom just heard that your grandmother was living with someone down at Coldwater." So, we don't know how Maggie knew Vennie. But, my grandparents (Vennie and Wes) met while living at Maggie's house. Her family has remained close to ours even now.

After mother was born, Vennie and Wes were "sent" to Arkansas to keep Wes out of trouble. Some of Macy's family were not a good influence on Wes, so Vennie, Wes and Mom (Louise Wicker Long) moved to Arkansas around 1921.
It was there, they met the Everette Family: Big Mama, Big Daddy (neither were 5' tall), Pearl, Molly, Annie and "Brother".
Annie, Wes Wicker, Vennie and Louise Wicker, Molly @1923
Annie and Jim Spence, Vennie and Louise Wicker
Pearl and Louise Wicker

Although most of Mother's friends went to Memphis after high school, Mother came to St. Louis because the Everettes were all up here. My grandparents also moved up to St. Louis after my parents were married.Back row: Wes Wicker, Jim Spence, Bud Hughes Front row: Vennie Wicker, Pearl Hughes, Annie Spence (St. Louis, 1950's)
Jane and I (pictured above with Barbara, "Brother's" daughter, and Big Daddy) also grew up with the Everettes. I can even remember getting in a fight with Barbara over her aunts and grandparents. I insisted they were my aunts and grandparents, too. I, often, stayed with each of them several days at a time. Annie and Jim had a small house in Wellston, Pearl and her parents lived in Richmond Heights on Hoover, Mollie and Henry Haverstick lived in an apartment across the street from the zoo. They were wonderful, loving people. It's a shame that Barbara was the only grandchild---if you didn't count me, Jane, Mom and Billie (Mom's sister)!

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