Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Fry Family at Home

Isaac Henry Fry and Alice Alderson Fry
Dave's mother's family had 9 children total. I remember them "alphabetically": Alfreda and Alderson, "Buddy", Cecil, Donald, Eloise, Phil (F-sound), George (doesn't count because he went by "Buddy"), Hale, Irene Fry.
In the photo (banded by yellow) above, they are in birth order---starting with Irene and ending with Cecil Fry. (Double click on the photo to enlarge, then use the back arrow to come back)
Most of their growing up was in Princeton, West Virginia where they lived on 304 Walnut Street. The photo above might have been before they moved to Princeton for better schools. Beginning with the mother Alice and going clock-wise: Alice, Donald, Phil, Alfreda, Irene, Alderson, Hale Fry.
The top photo taken Sept. 1920, doesn't have Donald, but does have their cousin Virginia.
The photos above are all of Alice Alderson Fry. My favorite is the one dated 2-20-46. There she sits so elegantly with her coffee cup (surely not tea!) with the photos of her children on the table behind her. She deserves a leisurely cup of coffee and an easy chair after all of those children: Irene Fry Vogt, Alderson Fry, Alfreda Fry Morris, Phil Fry, Hale Fry, Donald Fry, Eloise Fry Morgan, George "Buddy" Fry, Cecil Fry.