Tuesday, March 17, 2009

1927 Tornado in St. Louis

My dad, LeRoy Long, had pretty vivid memories of the 1927 tornado in St. Louis. The above photo is from a website. When my parents would tell a story, I'd grab a piece of paper and start writing. This is what I wrote:

"1927 Tornado---I was attending Stix School behind Jewish Hospital at Euclid and Forest Park when the tornado hit. The Polarway stables (they hauled ice and coal) had 2X4's sticking in. There was a Columbia Touring Car with a jump-seat up against the building. Kids had to stay at school until their parents came for them. I think it hit in September around 1:30PM. Somebody had hauled coal coming through a gang-way but the brick had buried him. Aunt Mary (Wassmund) was an infant sleeping with broken glass all over her. Grandma [Annie Reed Maupin] picked the glass off her."

His sister Norma Long Adams Rogers recalled that Uncle Albert Maupin had to get them at school. They were living in a house across from the firehouse near Forest Park (Expressway)---the only house Roy owned. Vivian and baby Mary went in the bathtub during the tornado---the house was destroyed. They had no insurance and couldn't rebuild the house.
Here's a video that discusses this tornado with movies and interviews.

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