Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mary Reiter Long's Bible

This Bible belonged to Mary Celecy Reiter Long. Although she didn't write as much as my mother did in her Bible, she did have a few notes, but most were in pencil and are very faded and hard to read.
Here is her name. On another page very faintly written are:" Mrs. Mary Long De Soto, Mo. May 30, 1915" Then, written across the page is "4115 Castleman" which is in St. Louis. I'm guessing that was either Lawrence or Roy's address since they both lived in St. Louis.
There were all sorts of items stuck in the pages---the picture above has no writing on it. The Bible lesson below is September 1924.
There were a number of pages folded very neatly like the one below:Below: Mary Celecy Reiter and Thomas Henry Long

Come back in a few days for more of what was in Mary Reiter Long's Bible.

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