Friday, March 27, 2009

Bibles: 1940's and 1930's

I have inherited a number of Bibles over the years---none of them are exactly rich in genealogy, but they are rich in what my family values. I love looking at the pages, what my family members have marked---the scripture that was important to them, the items that mark the pages, the notes---they are all windows into their souls. The Bibles above belonged to my parents and my great-grandparents---Thomas Henry Long and Mary Reiter Long.

The Bible pictured above was one my father, Le Roy H. Long, carried overseas when he was in the Navy during World War II. It is also the Bible that my mother slipped in my suitcase anytime I went to camp or off to college. She said, "It will keep you safe like it kept your dad safe during the war."
It has a page inscribed by the Commander in Chief---Franklin D. Roosevelt. I think it's interesting that he acknowledges that it is a source of inspiration despite what the recipient's background might be. Something tells me even with that disclaimer, these aren't handed out anymore to servicemen from the President of the United States.

This Bible was Mother's as a child. In her later year's mother went by "Louise Alice", but this Bible confirms that her name was originally "Alice Louise Wicker"
It also has a bit of genealogy in a more adult handwriting.
Indeed, Mother must have used this Bible during World War II because I found this tucked in the pages---the name is mis-spelled but there's no denying that is Norman Schwend!
Also, there is a lock of hair---don't know whose it is---it's very pretty---almost golden in color---reminds me of my daughter Rebecca's hair.
Of course there are passages marked. I'm not sure if these were significant passages, passages that were being studied or passages she had to read aloud in a Sunday School class.
The back cover is a reminder that this is, indeed, a child's Bible: source of inspiration, source of entertainment and source of writing a note to a friend sitting beside you in the pew (hint: read what's written side-ways on the right side)

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