Monday, November 14, 2011

Ingalls Update

I have written several posts about the Ingalls family----Amanda Reiter married William Barber Ingalls.  Amanda was the sister of my great-grandmother Mary Reiter Long.  We know she is in the photo above by the fence post, but aren't sure which one she is.  One of Amanda's granddaughters found my blog and has given me more information on her family and hopefully a better photo!  Here is the photo of Amanda Reiter Ingalls and her daughter Gertrude Daisy Ingalls Richter taken in about 1920.

The Ingalls attended Bethlehem Baptist where one of their children, Rowena, is buried.  Click here for church records which include them.

But, five children did survive:L-R Dwight, Dorothy and Gertrude. Seated: Arley holding Walter.  Arley was also known as "Fritz" which is what his niece called him.  Click here for more photos and information about this beautiful family.

Margaret wrote that "Fritz" or Fredrick Arley Ingalls did go to West Point as did his son (James M. Ingalls) pictured above.  She also sent me a link with Jim's obituary written by his son.  Click here.  There is information about the whole family in that link. All of the information sent me to where I found the death certificate for Fredrick Arley Ingalls who died at 38 years old of melanoma---the same disease that took my dear cousin Bob Delaney.

  While Margaret didn't know of anyone else who had melanoma, she did recall that her mother said it had started as a spot on his arm.  The death certificate says it started in a deep nerve.  Captain Fredrick Arley Ingalls was buried in the National Cemetery at the Presidio of San Francisco with his wife and son Jim Ingalls, Sr.

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Please send copies of any Ingalls family data or photos to me for my collection of data on all Ingalls in the USA and Canada. I will try and add the data as I have time and return a book on your Ingalls ancestors if I can connect them to my data. A gedcom file from a genealogy program or copies of your Legacy Genealogy data and multimedia files wouild be best. Jay Ingalls,