Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bethlehem Baptist

I was able to photograph all of these wonderful documents from Bethlehem Baptist Church near Grubville, Mo. BUT, they were taking over my family blog.  Pictured below are cousins Rick and  Ada who had located the documents.  The pages were all in a box with some pages missing and disintegrated and some written in pencil so very hard to read.  But, we feel fortunate to have located documents from about 80 years of the church's history.

Granted, I was related to someone on all of the posts, but I've now created a whole new blog just for the Bethlehem Baptist Church.   I will still have some information here, but they will have information on one of my ancestors or their siblings.
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p. 28
Nov. 1900 Sat before second Sunday in Nov. Church was in regular session after sermon by Pastor.  Door of church was opened for membership.  None rec'd.  L. H. Reiter appointed Clerk Protem.  Minutes of October read and approved on motion church agree to pay Pastor $75 for ensuing year.  L. H. Reiter and Anna McKay appointed to collector.  Church adjorned to meet on Sat. before second Sun in Dec.
N. M. Pierce, Mod; L. H. Reiter Clerk Protem.

L. H. Reiter was probably Louis H. Reiter, my great-grandmother's (Mary Reiter Long) brother and not her father who was also Louis (Lewis, Ludwig) Reiter.

Sometime between 1900 and 1920, Louis and his family relocated to Montana. For more information about his family, click here.

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