Monday, July 18, 2011

Fry Photos

 While at the Fry Family Reunion, Suzy had some photos in an album.  The photo above is "the homeplace Enon, WV".
 George Henry Clay Alderson, pictured above was my husband's Great Grandfather.  The photos below are some of his children and one grandchild.
 This is Lena (Evalina) Alderson Hummel (b. 1875) for whom my mother-in-law, Lena Eloise Fry is named and my daughter Rebecca Leigh Morgan is also named for her.  Rebecca has one of Lena's rings which was left to Eloise in Lena's will.
 Ida Alderson Masters, pictured above died at 34 years old along with a baby.  She is mentioned in this letter.
 Alice Alderson Fry was my husband's grandmother, George Henry Clay Alderson's daughter. 
 Another daughter is Zela Irene Alderson who was married to Arch Wesley Grant.  We have some ice skates we inherited from her.
 This is Otis Hambra Alderson (b. 1874) whom I just discovered applied to belong to the Sons of the American Revolution.
Finally, this is Alfreda Fry Morris, my husband's aunt.  I just thought this was a very sweet photo of her.  I wish that I had photographed more of this album. . maybe next time.

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