Sunday, August 28, 2011

DeSoto High School Photo

Several years ago while at a Long Reunion in DeSoto (Click here for more about it), David Long pictured at the end of Row 5, brought this photo which I photographed.  I posted it on a genealogy page and someone wanted me to identify the people. . . .so here they are!

Row 1:  M Aylesworth, Hazel Bailey, T. Baldwin, Bill Bayer, Maria Bays, Don Becker, Hardin Bell, E. Berry
Row 2: Eddie Bittick, Bogg. . . ., Elvin Bowen, H. Burgess, Herb Cole, Ester Cook, Wanda Cox, B Crockett, John Dawes
Row 3: J Doebbert, B. Duffner, Ken Elders, Ron Evans, Clara Freer, Clara Goff, Don Holdin, M. Hardin, E Hastings
Row 4: D Hellwig, Don Hoard, Ken Hulkey, Geo Hughes, Rob Hulsey, E. Huskey, Lois Juenger, M. Keller, Lila Kelley
Row 5:  N Klaus, K Koch, M Koch, D Landayt, Jack Lasley, Edith Lasley, Jack Lewis, Clyde Long, David Long
Row 6:  E Lebbers, Jos Lufebors, Paul Lyon, Wm Martin, Alf McKee, R. McKinney, Mae Moore, Oscar Mudd, F Nixon
Row 7 ????, M Politte, F Powers, E Reynolds, J.H. Reynolds, M Rohlfing, A Schleff Jr, H. Scott, Betty Sheets
Row 8 ????, M Spiller, Steinm. . . ., R Sullivan, A Vanden, Al Vaughn, Lloyd Wiley, C Wilson, Ros Wilson

And, I am guessing that "F Nixon" in row 6 is related to our esteemed governor Jay Nixon.

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