Thursday, October 14, 2010

Unknown Individuals

These photos as well as the two posts that came before this were found in a bin at my aunt Norma Long Adams Rogers. They are unidentified. . . .some could be friends or co-workers.
Some look like they are from the 1960's. . .
Some look much older.

Some are definitely related, but.. . .

I thought this one above was my grandfather Roy Long, but it's not---it just looks like him---possibly one of the Dodsons since we did see a piece of paper that had "Dotson" written on it.

This one looks a little like Uncle Fred (Alfred Stewart Long). It could also be Estes or Eustes Long, Fred's brother.

This clipping identifies the person as Mary Jo Ruppert, who was Mayme (Mary Louise) Reed Baum's granddaughter and the daughter of Bernice Baum Ruppert. Thanks to Catherine for this information.
This looks a bit like a high school Senior picture or Homecoming photo. If you recognize any of these people, leave a comment below or e-mail me.

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