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Unknown Family Photos

The photo above is the one I'm most interested in. I think the woman seated on the right is my great-grandmother Annie Reed Maupin. Carol, the spouse of a Reed cousin, agrees that looks like Annie Reed and that is probably her mother Frances Glanville Reed beside her. Catherine also agrees that Frances Glanville Reed is on the left. Looking closely at the eyes of the children and standing ladies, I'm going to tentatively identify the children as, Myrtle Reed (b. 1891),Harry (b. 1889) and Mattie(b. 1891) Maupin. Myrtle was Frances's granddaughter, daughter of William Reed. That puts the photo around 1892. The ladies standing are probably Frances's other daughters Mamie Reed Baum(13 years old) and Allie Reed Haverstick (18 years old). See another family photo below. A brief family history summary is on the left under Long Family.
Annie Reed Maupin (center) had six brothers and two sisters: William James Reed, George Frederick Reed, John H. Reed, Alice Cora Reed (Allie), Mary Louise Reed (Mamie), Charles Edward Reed, Walter W. Reed, and James G. Reed. So, these photos could be of them, their families or they could even be Glanvilles. Frances Glanville Reed and Annie Reed Maupin took in Elizabeth Glanville Outman's children. So, some photos could be of James Gustav Outman, Mamie Outman or Lillian Outman.
These photos, found in my aunt's basement, were labeled "Maupin, Reed, McKay". Unfortunately, I don't know who most of these people are. Many, like the one above and below, appear to have been sent in Christmas cards or letters.

Some of them, like the one below are labeled, but even the family genealogist doesn't know who they are:
The girl certainly looks like a relative---this is what's written on the back. "Vivian Long" was my grandmother and I think it just means that's who this photo was going to.
Here's another one labeled with the name Margurite, again:
I've looked and haven't found any Margurette or Anne Burrus's in the family and yet, they look like family.
(L-R: ?,? holding Michelle McKay, Maxine Long Delaney, Vivian Maupin Long, Gladys Wilson McKay, Vennie Wicker, Louise Wicker Long. Kneeling are Ron Long, Maybelle McKay Villmere, Kathy Villmere and Norma Long Adams)
I have this photo and can identify everyone but the two ladies standing on the left. I'm sure they are Maupins, Reeds or like my mother's mother Vennie, in-laws. They appear again:

I know that's my Aunt Norma on the left, but the two women are seen again on the right.
Whoever took the other photo is on the left now in the picture. Maybe someone will even recognize the roof pattern behind them.
Some just look like family---I think this is Ralph Reed who lived in Michigan, but I don't know if he had any children.I know this is Ralph Reed and they look the same.
This woman looks very familiar---Is this the same woman below?
The one above may actually be a photo of Aunt Grace Maupin McKay---I only have photos of her older.
She married Harvey McKay who was in the Navy.
This is one of my favorites---reminds me of Norman Rockwell's Thanksgiving. The woman with food in her mouth is Aunt Norma, the man behind her is Uncle Hal and the woman next to her is Aunt Mattie Maupin McKay, I think.
Here's another photo with McKays---on the right is Mattie Maupin McKay (her arm is on Hal Mc Kay, her husband) but I don't know who the other three are. With 8 children who lived. . .I'm sure some are their children
The woman sitting on the rock is my grandmother, Vivian Maupin Long, I think.
And, Vivian Maupin Long is in the center holding my Aunt Norma Long Adams Rogers, but who are the other four people?
My sister Jane agrees that this looks like Charles Maupin. Jane said she remembers seeing this photo many years ago.

I'm pretty sure the man on the right is my great-grandfather Henry Maupin---could that be his brother John D. Maupin on the left?
My Aunt Maxine with?
I know three of these ladies: Mary Long Wassmund, Maxine Long Delaney, Norma Long Adams, but don't know the other two ladies. They could be five friends after a day of shopping, but if you look carefully there's a little boy beside Mary---my uncle Ron Long---making me think they could be cousins. Would Mary, Maxine and Norma take Ron shopping with them?
Martha McKay Lalumondier is in the center but who are the ones on either side---friends or relatives?
Yeah! Billie in Texas identified the photo above: "Helen Irene Cain Bournais (My huband, Sam Bill's mother) and Mat Murray Cain Jr (My husband's uncle). They were the children of
Mat Murray Cain, Sr & Mae Lillian MAUPIN, grandchildren of: J. D. & Minnie (Campbell) Maupin.

Murray in the uniform went to the Naval Academy."
What follows (above and below) are photos with no clues other than the backgrounds and clothes.

Double click on the photo, then click again to make it larger.

This final photo does NOT look like Maupin or Reeds, but more like Reiters or Tyreys (more like Roy Long than his wife Vivian Maupin):
Please let me know if you can identify any of the people in these photos.

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