Sunday, October 31, 2010

Norma, Maxine and Mary

My father had three sisters Mary (1927), Maxine (1923-1997) and Norma (1920-2010). The little boy at the bottom of this photo is their youngest brother Ron. Based on Ron's age, I'm guessing this photo was made around 1940.
I've found some new photos of them this past month. The photo above was from a cousin at a family reunion. Roy Long (their father) is pictured with Mary and Maxine.
This photo and all of the rest were in my Aunt Norma's photos. Norma is on the back of the horse; Maxine is the blond girl in the middle. I'm not sure who the boys are---probably cousins.
The photo above is Norma. It looks like it was made in St. Louis and is graduation---8th grade?
For more about Norma in her later years, click here.
I love this photo because Norma is not posed and my own mother, Louise, is in the background. I can just hear their laughter. The boy on the right is probably one of their Maupin/McKay cousins.
Norma is on the far right in the photo above and I'm pretty sure that is Maxine on the left.
Maxine looks like she is still a school girl in this photo.
I don't know if the young man is a cousin or a friend, but that's Maxine on the right.
I think that necklace is back in style, but I don't know when this photo was taken either.
Although the other photos seem to be of Maxine before she was married, this one is on her wedding day--1942.
Aunt Mary is pictured above with their mother Vivian Maupin Long. The little boy is Ron, the youngest in the family.
The photo of Mary above is probably with Maxine's son Michael who was born in 1948, but it could be Steve, who was born in 1945.

My three aunts have always been an important part of my life. We often lived in the same community so we visited frequently. As an older teen, my mother's ultimate warning was always, "Don't do anything that your aunts would disapprove of." I still smile at that, thinking of the times I would have gladly disappointed my mother, but my aunts. . .NEVER.

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