Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Unknown Babies

My cousin brought some photos over which his mother had placed in an envelope marked "Maupin, Reed, McKay". My job is to try to figure out who these babies are.
L-R: Hal McKay, Minerva Downen Maupin, Walter Maupin, Maxine Huskey Maupin, Harry Maupin
I think the baby photo below is Uncle Walter Reed Maupin standing in the center above.

And the photo below may be his brother standing on the right (note the ears in both photos)

Or, those two babies above could be Charles Maupin (Harry's son) pictured below with me in the mid 1940's.
Some of the babies look eerily like babies in our family now.
It was pretty obvious that the photo above and the one below were related---note the Christening dress.
I looked at that dress and thought, "I've seen that before"
Groan. . .the same unknown photo I've tried to identify for over a year.
Some had clues like where the photo was made---- like Ste. Genevieve. . .
The photo above was made in St. LouisSome had tantalizing clues:
Made in DeSoto and what's that written on the back?
Genealogy kicked in when I saw that and the only Dortha (Dorothy) C. that I have is Dorothy Couch who may be the one below, too.
Dorothy Couch is the daughter of Lenorah Long and James Leonard Couch. Lenorah was Thomas Henry Long's sister.

This one was also made in DeSoto.
Many of these babies look like they are in Christening gowns which makes me believe they are indeed Maupin, Reed, Glanvilles because Longs, Reiters and Tyreys are Baptists and don't have infant Christenings.
Some of the photos seem to be 1950's or later. My sister Jane thinks this photo was our cousin Cheryl Ann Wassmund.
Some are candid snapshots.
Only ONE photo was clearly marked---isn't she a sassy looking little girl!

She is Gladys Thelma Long, daughter of Uncle Alfred Stewart Long and Zoa Viola Dodson.

Please contact me or leave a comment if you know who any of these babies are OR if you have seen the Christening gowns before. . .I'll take any hint!

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