Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fishing Photos

LeRoy Long, Louise Wicker Long, Jaclyn Long and Linda Jane Long 1950's Big River
My family has lived by water for centuries---the Mississippi, Meramec, Missouri and Big Rivers have been very important to our travel, survival and more recently, recreation. I wrote several posts about meeting my family at Uncle Lawrence's Clubhouse on the Big River. [click here]
This photo is also the number of people who would typically be there on a weekend. Though blurry, I can tell who some are. The tall man on the left is Roy Long with his wife Vivian Maupin Long in front. Next to Vivian is Norma Long and the boy in front is Ron Long. This was taken in the early 1940's.
I have no idea who these men are, but it does look like Big River.
[l-r Ray ????, LeRoy Long, Hank Pelsory]
But, the rest of the photos are Lake of the Ozarks so this could be a cove there, too. Mother told me these were Dad with his cycling buddies.
This was much too nice of a cabin for the Big River Clubhouse, so I'm guessing this is Lake of the Ozarks. Dad [LeRoy Long] is on the right.
The only thing that puzzled me was. . .if this was Dad and his cycling buddies, then they usually road their bikes even hundreds of miles---did they really go in a car?
A few photos later gave me the answer---they road their bikes and the earlier photos were Lake of the Ozarks---see Dad's posture and shirt?
And, here was proof. So, the car was probably a "sag wagon" or carried all of their food and gear.
And, to prove these photos were Lake of the Ozarks, here is Bagnall Dam.
And, this is also Bagnall Dam which is the dam which forms Lake of the Ozarks. These photos were probably late 1930's or early 1940's---just by the amount of hair my dad has! For more on my dad's cycling, click here.

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so cool! and yes between the hair & the big sun glasses - he hardly looks like himself!!!!!