Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Long Family Reunions

LeRoy Long (1918-2004) with his uncle Alfred Stewart Long ( 1881-1977)
Although the Long Family Reunion has been held for over 70 years in Jefferson County Missouri, I don't have a lot of photos. This first group of photos says "Jan 76" on the back, but the reunion is always in September and even Sept. 1975 would have been hard for me to attend---I was living in Pittsburgh. So this photo is either another year, or my parents took the photos.
This is one of Dad's favorite uncles---Curtis Andrew Long (1903-1980) with Le Roy Long.
The lady in the yellow lawn chair is Cenith Catherine Long Bruns, Aunt Katie (1891-1978).
The photo above was taken of my dad (on the left) with his cousin Clyde Long (1922-2001) at the reunion in 1981.
Although this looks like my grandfather, Roy Long, this is his nephew Clyde Long again in 1981.
I'm not sure who are in the photos above---Clyde? David? Please contact me (Jaclyn Morgan) if you know who these gentlemen are. To see photos of the 1931 reunion, click here.

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