Sunday, September 27, 2009

H.B. Morgan's Letter October 23, 1945

Grover Davis Morgan, Jr. above in November 1945. The letter below is to Grover D. Morgan's family living in Alexandria, Louisiana from his father H. B. Morgan in West Viriginia.
The page above tells about Fall coming and his son Mason's work on the garage.
His son Paul has also been helping out. Bread delivery drivers are on strike.
H.B. thinks it's funny seeing people carrying flour to make bread when they probably don't have any shortening.
Finally, he assures Grover that he and his family can live and work on the farm when he gets out of the army. He's afraid Eloise will start to like the milder climate in Louisiana. He also mentions that Mason's wife Libby is sick, but her mother Mrs. Porter is taking care of her and the family.

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