Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ellice Morgan's Letter 16 Oct. 1945

Ellice Smith Morgan wrote this letter to his son, Grover D. Morgan, and his family who were living in Alexandria, Louisiana where Grover was stationed during World War II.
She writes about the possibility of a coal strike. But she also mentions her son Mason helping build the garage and that Harry (her grandson) reminds her of Mason when he was small.
Above she writes about Lowell and his piano playing. Then she mentions that her husband (H.B.) was sowing rye.
Her son, Paul, who just returned from to the United States, earned "another stripe"---he got a promotion in the Army. She ends with "Tell Eloise & Boys I still miss them on Sundays and love to all."
Eloise and "Boys"---Davis and Harry. July 14, 1945 Alexandria, LA.

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Leah Morgan Korbel said...

Wow-almost 64 years ago. I just enjoy the day to day happenings. Thanks again!