Sunday, July 19, 2009

Unknown Photos

Gwendolyn Pigg also sent me these photos, but doesn't know who they are. They could be from the Reiter, Tyrey, Bruns, Drennon families who all lived in Jefferson County, Missouri.
These all seem to be between the Civil War and turn of the century. Dwight and Gwendolyn think the photo below is Peter Romaine McFrey in his Union Civil War uniform. He was killed or died 29 Dec. 1862 at 23 years of age at Vicksburg, Ms.
The children below seem to have been photographed at the same time as the couple below. Gwendolyn writes:
The next two with the same tree like backgrounds look so much like him that they must be McFrys but I don't know which ones. Maybe Peter's Sisters.

The backgrounds seem to be similar with trees.

Double click on the photo below to get a closer look. It is the Kraft Reunion 1920. We have some identifed: 35 is Thomas Long, 37 is Harry Guinther, 39 Lecy Long Guinther, 27 Cecil Long, 26 Guinther, 10 Guinther, 16 Long.
If you are recognize any of these people, please e-mail us. Click on Jaclyn Morgan under Contacts and Contributors to the left. To see more unknown photos from the Reiter, Tyrey, Long, Wiley line click on the lable "unknown photos"

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