Monday, July 20, 2009

Bruns and Drennon

The George Bruns home and store was in Dittmer, Missouri. It burned down in 2002.Above is the Herman Bruns home which was sold to Alfred Hollandt in Dittmer, Missouri.

This document above is part of the probate for the John C. Bruns family: Louisa Bruns, Julia Bruns Robenort, William F. Bruns, Louis Arthur Bruns, Cora Hesey, Rose Reiter, Harry H. Bruns and Emma Dorr.
These two are newspaper clippings are about Glenn F. Bruns and Ralph D. Bruns both given awards for their service in WWII.

Below is an article about the George Bruns and Bertha Meyer celebrating their 50th Anniversary.
They were married on Nov. 16, 1899 in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Bruns (sister and brother of the bride and groom). This also tells of their attendants: Elsie Meyer and John Heinen.

This next section tells about Mr. Bruns business career and lists their children: Hulda Kramme, Ella Weber, Herbert Bruns, Edgar Bruns and Warren Bruns.

The lady below was married to Joshua Drennan.

Here are Francis Marion Drennon and Mary Angeline McGee.
Below is the Memorial card for Harry Herman Bruns.
The next few photos are from the 60th Anniversary of the Jefferson County Baptist Association n 1913. Cora Bruns is in the back row 2nd from the left with a white hat.
Harry Bruns has a 1 on his forehead---Katie is behind him with a 2 holding Helen. Emma Bruns is behind the gentleman next to Katie with a brimmed straw hat.
For other people identified in this photo, click here.

The above notes were written with the birth dates, cause of death and death dates for many of the Bruns family. Double click on the image in order to enlarge.


J. N. Bruns said...

Hi. My name is Jasmine Nicole Bruns. I was searching Google today for my grandfather, Ralph Donald Bruns and any information available on his service in the Air Force. His brother was Glenn Bruns. I was wondering if you had anything else in your archives relating to his life and/or service.

Jaclyn Morgan said...

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