Sunday, July 19, 2009

Reiter-Bruns Family

Eloisa Drennon Bruns with her daughters Cora, Emma and Rose, 1938 at the old Aquilla Drennon house.
Gwendolyn has sent me lots of wonderful photos. I have categorized them and will post them in groups. This group will have Reiter and Bruns photos with two Longs. These are all from northwestern Jefferson County, Missouri.

The photo below is identified above. It has the following family names: Kramme, Bruns, McCulloch, Hollandt, Blake, Weber, Torbitsky, Gascke, Meyer, Ultzen, Belew, Reiter, Eime, Schuchart, Pierce, Steele. It is "Reunion at Maple Grove School, Dittmer July 4, 1922."
The next photo is identified as a Cedar Grove School photo, September 24, 1928 (??)
It has these names: Meyer, Manion, Montgomery, Reiter, Williams, Harrison.
The photo below is my great-aunt Katie Long Bruns with her husband Harry Bruns. Katie (was my grandfather's half sister Cenith Catherine Long---her mother was a Wiley)

Gwendolyn sent this photo in with her unknown photos---it's Celecy Ellen Long Guinther (great Aunt Lecy whose mother was Mary Reiter---she had the same father as Katie---Thomas Henry Long)
Below is Fred (Francis Frederick) Reiter and his wife Rose Bruns. This is from the Baptist Church photo. The children are: Ina Reiter Pigg (face turned), Lula Reiter Sutter (in hat), Clara Reiter Kolley and Emmett Reiter in the lap.
Finally, here is Fred Reiter and Rose Bruns wedding photo--such a handsome couple.

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