Friday, July 31, 2009

Long Family Reunion

The photo says,"Family Reunion T.H.Long; Aug. 1, 1931", but there are so many more families there. In the middle of the photo are two brothers---Thomas and Jeptha Long and 3 sisters---Sarah Long Maness, Lenorah Long Couch and Susane E. Long Wallace. Thomas Henry Long is my great-grandfather, but I have two great-grandmothers also in this photo: Annie Reed Maupin and Mary Celecy Reiter Long and many members of their families.
I am grateful to Gwendolyn Pigg for telling me this summer that the pretty female next to my grandfather Roy Long is his cousin Louise Reiter. I really didn't think we would be able to identify any other people after 68 years. To enlarge these photos, double click on them, then use your back arrow to come back to this page.
This version with the names on it are courtesy of Jeptha's great-grandson Rick Gannon. The following families (most from Jefferson County) are represented: Maupin, Dodson, Long, Green, McKay, Guinther, Reed, Couch, Walton, Phenty, Trimble, Wallace, Couch, Blackwell, Maness, Bowslaugh, Ingalls, Wallace, Stroup, Spencer, Barnhart, Bruns, Frost, Bruns, Pounds, Wilson. Some of the children have just the word "orphan". I think they lived with the Couches and came from the Orphan Train. Click here for more information on this era in American history. If anyone knows who some of the people are who are labled as "orphan", with a name scratched out or "?", please let me know.

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