Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ellice Morgan Letters: Sept. 17, 28, 1945

Ellice Morgan wrote to her son Grover Morgan in the Army at Esler Field, Louisiana. She thanks her grandson Harry for his letter, but her good news is that her son Paul Morgan is on his way home and has already shipped his clothes to his wife Janice. She also mentions that her son Clifford Morgan has recently visited with his wife Ethel and son Garrett with Aunt Sarah (who "lives at Walnut Akers")
She mentions that she sent Harry a book.
Davis-Harry Alexandria, LA (9/22/1945)The letter dated Sept. 28, 1945 is mostly Paul---Janice had met him in "Greensburough". She also tells a little about her husband's work, tells Grover he can have her car---Garner says he can ride a bus to school. (Dave says he never knew she could drive a car) It turns out the book she sent Harry in the letter above was his ration book.

She reveals that she dug 12 bushels of potatoes, the wind is blowing like winter. The good thing about winter is "Xmas". Finally, her P.S. celebrates Paul is home, but thin at 180 lbs.
Dad can fix anything! Alexandria Louisiana (9/30/1945 2yrs 7mos; 4 yrs)
Compare how they're dressed in Louisiana with her letter talking about winter coming to West Virginia.


Leah Morgan Korbel said...

I enjoyed reading these letters so much! What living history.
thank you.

Anonymous said...

Really i enjoy this latter reading..nice history..

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