Saturday, October 18, 2008

Flad Avenue

Here is where Vivian Maupin Long and Roy Long lived when I was a child. Obviously Ron and Mary and the others all lived there also. They lived upstairs and to the right. We all remember not being allowed on the balcony (which isn't there anymore) It was so exciting, climbing out the window and sitting out there (only when adults were there). There was a railing at the time and the roof wasn't slanted.
This 4-family flat was right across the street from St. Margaret of Scotland. I remember the Westminster chimes and the slow peal of the bells gonging off the hours. I wondered how anyone could sleep through that. (I now have clocks chiming through out the house and never hear them)
Out the kitchen window, I remember this beautiful tiled roof. I loved looking out that window at all of the lines and shading of the tile. The other thing I loved about that flat (that's what multiple-family dwellings with exterior entrances are called) was the sky-light. It lit that huge,dark entry hall with a greenish-gray glow. Finally, I thought the butler's pantry was neat and my sister has one just like it in her new Dallas home.
The houses on the next street (Flora) were very nice single family. The street is divided by a strip of park-like land. That street is still lovely, but Flad has more modest housing. Although the flat had a large dining room and living room, two of the bedrooms were very small. (Leah has one as small as one---she uses it as a closet, if that gives you any idea)

In St. Louis, every neighborhood had a "corner grocery". I believe this was the corner grocery, but I'll let my sister and cousins fill me in. This is at 39th and Flad. Note the newer homes next to it---not sure what was there in the 1940's.
Here's how Jane remembers it:
"I remember the cigar smoke and the ashtray that stood on the floor. I remember bubble lights on his Christmas tree. I remember the front "porch" which I always thought would cave in. I remember the church bells across the street. I remember the back bedroom and picture of Dad as a baby. I remember Ronnie's room being about as big as a closet, I think this was before he moved to the front bedroom. I remember Grandpa walking us to the donut shop. I remember playing in a tiny back yard with very little grass because of the shade trees. I remember the boys talking about scary movies they saw like Tarantula. I remember the dining room and all the adults eating there. "
Jane Robison

Vivian Maupin and Roy Long were the parents of our father LeRoy Long.

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