Wednesday, October 29, 2008

H.B.Morgan letter April 3, 1945

(Ellice Smith Morgan, Grover D. Morgan, Harry Byron Morgan)

We have copies of letters from H.B.Morgan to Grover who was stationed in Louisiana at the time. Rather than re-copy them, I thought everyone would enjoy seeing them in H.B.'s handwriting which is pretty easy to read. I'll add notes from time to time to explain. Harry and Davis are Grover's two sons---Harry Byron Morgan II and Grover Davis Morgan, Jr.
"Big Jno Lewis" was John L. Lewis, a labor organizer. Click here for more information. H.B. Morgan, being a mine supervisor, sat on the opposite side of the negotiating table from him. An article from Time Magazine archives tells a little more about John L. Lewis Day. Click here.
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The garage was being built with an apartment over it---later Grover and family would live in it after returning from the war.

Notice that bees is underlined? I recalled a photo of Dave with a bee sting. A little excursion into my photo archives turned this up. The inscription on the back says "Bee sting! 4/6/45 2yrs. 4 mo." I suspect the bee sting was a little earlier and the date wasn't quite accurate. Or, H.B. was a fortune teller!

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Noel said...

Thanks, Jackie...No need to transcribe. It would lose its flavor. I think that when that was written he was living with us in Prenter during the week & commuting to Princeton on weekends, explaining the note that he couldn't leave until Sunday can sense what a great fan he was of John L Lewis!

Rachel said...

soooooo neat! loved reading his note! looks like he could have benefitted from some stationery, though - not just a notepad. :) ha neat stuff!!!!!!!!

Leah said...

Amazing! Thank you so much Jackie. Noel is right, it would lose its flavor; thank you for leaving it as is. Handwriting is so intimate for some reason.