Saturday, October 25, 2008

Annie Reed--Later

Above was Annie Reed Maupin's home in De Soto, Missouri on Boyd St. "Annie Reed" Maupin is a family legend. Anytime my dad (or daughters) couldn't stay home, but had to be out running around or shopping, my mother would say, "There goes Annie Reed." Annie was fortunate in her husband worked for the Missouri Pacific Railroad, allowing her to go to St. Louis to visit relatives or to go shopping even for just the day. The Jefferson County Democrat Feb. 27, 1913 reported,
"Mrs. Henry MAUPIN visited relatives at St. Louis last week."
My aunt Mary Long Wassmund recalls going to St. Louis with her grandmother to visit relatives. She had to wear a hat, gloves, sit up straight and properly drink tea. We aren't sure what relatives they visited, but I can recall mother saying that my grandmother (Annie's daughter) Vivian always liked going to church with us at Lafayette Park Methodist Church because there were relatives who attended that church and lived in the area.

After Annie's father died in 1891, her mother (Frances Glanville Reed) moved to the Lafayette Park area with her children who remained at home---they are listed in the 1900 census (929 Hickory). So, Annie could have been visiting some of them. Carol Keller wrote me "Annie was always a favorite aunt of my mother-in-law, Grace Frances Reed Keller". Everyone seemed to love Annie Reed---I've never heard anything negative about her. My mother said that when Dad (LeRoy Long) got his first car, he wanted to show his grandmother, Annie Reed, right away.
Annie the older woman in the center is pictured with her siblings. Carol Keller has identified Charles as the first man in the second row. Catharine McComb has identified her grandfather John as standing the second from the right. Annie's sisters were Allie (Haverstick) and May (Mayme Baum). My Aunt Mary said that William looked like her Uncle Albert so we think he is seated on the right.This photo was taken in 1920 probably after their mother's funeral. That leaves George Frederick Reed, James G. Reed and Walter W. Reed whom we haven't identified.

This photo is taken from a 1931 family reunion photo. I do have most of the people identified--most were Long's but some were Reed-Maupins also. In the second row, the first dark haired lady holding a baby is my grandmother Vivian Maupin Long. The little girl to her right is my aunt Mary Long Wassmund. Right behind her and to her left in Annie Reed Maupin (5th over in the third row). My father with the scowl of a 13 year old is seated the furthest right (at the feet of his Grandmother and Grandfather Long. (sort of 2nd row)

This is the other end of the same photo with names added. In the bottom row, are several of Annie Reed's grandchildren: Betty Maupin, Maxine Long, Martha McKay and Norma Long. Also, Annie's niece Ruth Reed and Ralph Reed (on the far right holding a chicken). Apparently Jim Reed (one of Annie's brothers) who lived in Michigan would send his kids to stay with Annie for a month or longer in the summer. He is pictured at the top with his name written in. My aunts (Norma and Mary) remember Ralph and Ruth fondly.

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