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Bethlehem Baptist Minutes 1866-1867

These are minutes from Bethlehem Baptist Church near Grubville and Dittmer Missouri. Double click on the photos to read the entire document.

Page 26 February 1866. . .the case of Bro. James Williams was taken up he being charged with having a ball at his house and Bro. Wesley Scaggs was appointed to cite said Bro. to attend church and answer said charge. Also, although Sister Evans was charged with dancing or giving a ball at her house. Sister Unity Evans was appointed to cite her to attend church.
Page 27 March 1866. . .case of James S. Williams was taken up. Committee report received and _____ dismissed. Bro. Williams being present answered to charge and acknowledged to and asked to be forgiven of the church for the same, promising to do so no more. The Brother was restored to fellowship. The case of Sister Malissa Evans was called. Committee report received and committee discharged. Committee repeated that Sister be sorry for the charge and tried to attend but not being present her case was referred to the next meeting. Letters of dismissal was granted to Bro. Michael Brinley and his wife Sister Brinley.

Page 28 April 1866---Malissa Evans was referred to next meeting.
May 1866---Malissa Evans still not at church. . .The church then proceeded to ballot for two deacons which resulted in the choice of Robert Wilson and George H. Frost for the said office of deacon. . .
Page 29 June 1866 . . .Malissa Evans. . .still not being present . . .a motion and second exluded by vote of the church, the charge being for having a ball at her house and dancing. . .Next proceeded to appoint commissioner to superintend the building of a new Meeting House to be called the Bethlehem Meeting House. Brothers William McKay, Robert Wilson and William F. Williams [Susan Graham Manion's son-in-law] being chosen said commissioners. C.E. Frost to be collector and treasurer. . .
I've skipped page 30 because nothing really happened.
Page 31 August 1866. . .electing as moderator Brother S. Frasior. . .appointed Brother Elder William McKay, L. H. Lee [Lewis Harrison Lee was Margaret Julia Graham's husband] and C. E. Frost as delegates to the Jefferson County Association. . . October 1866 . . .Brother Newman Pounds [husband of Lucinda Graham] came before the church and acknowledged _____ ______ he had done and language used and was sorry that he done same. . .
Page 32. . .Then the case of Elizabeth McFry [her husband Peter McFry had been killed at the Battle of Vicksburg in 1862]was called her being charged with adultery [crossed out] fornication----the church concluded it best to _________ her it being a case in strenuous unmistakable evidence of the fact. . .
Nov. 1866 . . .on a motion of Br. Robert Wilson, J.P. Lollar was nominated and elected Clerk of Bethlehem Church to fill the vacancy occurred by the removal of Br. C.E. Frost [Christopher E. Frost].
Dec. 1866 No business.
Jan. 1867. . . .and on account of inclemencies of the weather, there was scarce any attendance.
Feb. March, April---no business.
June 1867 . . .the charge brought up against Br. Levi Partney after hearing the evidence in the case, was restored to full fellowship in the church. P.S. Elder Wm. McKay, Robert Wilson, J.T. Lollar to talk with and try to make a compromise and get up a reconciliation among the hostile members of Bethlehem church and report at July term 1867.
Page 35 July 1867 . . .the church proceeded to business. . . of a private nature.
August 1867. . .Br. Thompson Brown [brother of Catherine Caroline Brown Long, son of Mary Polly Graham Brown] asked for a letter of dismission and recommendation. . .which was granted them.
September 1867. . .Br. Lewis Partney, wife and daughter asked for a letter from the church at Bethlehem which was granted. . .
Page 36 . . .The Church appointed Rev. Wm. McKay and Deacon L.H. Lee and Robert Wilson delegates to the Jefferson County Association to be at or near Sandy Creek Chruch. . .
Oct. 1867. . .Sister Margaret E. Lemon asked for a letter of dismission and recommendation which was granted.
Nov. 1867. . .Prayer by Elder Gibson. . .Wesley Skaggs appeared before the Church Session and asked for a letter of dismission for himself and his wife which were granted.

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