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Bethlehem Baptist Church Minutes 1868

These records are from the Bethlehem Baptist Church near Grubville and Dittmer, Missouri. Double click on the photographs to enlarge them. Be sure to read to the end. . . The tombstone above in the Bethlehem Cemetery is for the nephew of Adaline McKay and Rev. William McKay. For more about the Wilson-McKay-Lee Family, click here.
Page 37 Dec. 1868 [sic]
After a prayer by Elder Gibson, "The case of Br. Brazeale [Drewey Brazeale] and William Hanvey was taken up" and "J.P.Lollar [Jonathon P. Lollar] was appointed to wait on Br. Brazeale and Br. Joseph Brown [brother of my great-great grandmother Catherine Caroline Brown] to wait on Brother Hanvey." William Hanvey was the brother of Joseph Brown's wife Mary Ann Hanvey. J.P. Lollar was a neighbor of Brazeales in the 1860 Census.

January 1868---Business was postponed.
p. 38 Feb. 1868 The committee met with Br. Brazeale and he asked that "his name taken off church record which was done. . . .Br. Hanvey's case was continued after prayer by Elder McKay."

"Saturday before the fourth Sabbath in April 1868. The meeting was an intire failure."
p. 39 The case of Brother William Hanvey was presented and "committy discharged and Br. Hanvey dismissed from the church by request and also by request Sister Matilda Haganbush asked for a letter of dismission." The clerk was asked to "write a letter of inquiry as regards the whereabouts of Br. Robert Boatright and try to find out what he intends to do as regards his church membership in Bethlehem Church.

June 1868: Nothing has been heard from Robert Boatright.
July 1868 ". . .After prayer by Deacon Wilson, Church proceeded to business. ..the case of Robert Boatright." His membership "was discontinued. . .for absence from church for a number of years. . ."

"Saturday before the fourth Sabbath in August 1868 the day church should have met. It was a failure on the part of church as there was a misunderstanding in regards to the hour in which the pastor was to be at the place of worship."

Sept. 1868 Rev. Wm. McKay and Brothers L.H.Lee [Lewis Harrison Lee husband of Margaret Julia Graham] and J.P. Lollar [John P. Lollar] were appointed delegates to Association meeting Oct. 9, 1868 to be held at Pilgrim's Rest in Jefferson County, Missouri.
Oct. 1868---not much business
Nov. 1868 ". . .that church should have met at Bethlehem. It was an entire failure on the part of both the church and pastor to preach. . ."
Dec. 1868 ". . .still no pastor to expound the sacred scriptures, the church broke up and scattered off like so many lost sheep." J. P. Lollar Clerk

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