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Grimes Court Interrogation

I'll try to transcribe the questions (above) and answers (below), but the answers are very hard to read. I'm putting them together rather than as separate documents. [Double click the documents to enlarge and zoom in---if you interpret any of this differently from me, please let me know---I welcome corrections]

Interrogation to Daniel Carrico and A [Abraham] Like.
1. Has any personal property of any description such as goods, chattels, money, debts, or exclusion of debts of the estate of John Grimes deceased come to your hands.
Answer: Yes
2. If so, state what articles and things, their numbers, value, to and what you have done with them, any of them.
Answer: iron frame bed, 2 ???, oxen, 2 or 3 knives, 8 forks, 3-4 teaspoons (copper and plate), 3 cups, dogirons. [for a better idea see the sales receipt below for probate court]
3. Did not you and Abraham Like soon after the death of Mary Grimes deceased the widow of John Grimes deceased take all the monies, goods, chattels, books, papers, or any evidence of debts of which she died ________ into __________.
Answer: He has the above---he took the _______ of Mary Grimes into his profession twas only after her death.
4. If so, name the articles of things taken by you, the quality and value and state what you have done with them or any of them.
Answer: John Brown bough a _______ other articles for $9.25. List of sale at the sale is correct that list dated October 18, 1828.
5. Then did you and Like make sale of the property of which Mary Grimes died _____ at public sale?
Answer: These was at sale
6. By what and whose authority was said sale made by you?
Answer: The sale was may by agreement amongst ourselves (no other authority)
7. For how much was said property sold?
Answer: _________ Ans:Like referred to for amount.
8. Have you collected any money due said sales and how much?
Answer: ________5.75 which I paid to Mr. Crow (ask ______________)
9. What have you done with the proceeds of said sales?
[no answer recorded]
10. Was not Mary Grimes deceased the widow of John Grimes deceased:
Answer: Mary Grimes was the widow of John Grimes
11. Did she not administer on the estate of John GRAHAM and take all of his personal property and effects into her hands as such administration and did she not sell a part of it a public sale on _______?
Answer: Affirmative
12. Did you not become a purchaser at said sale, if so what amount?
Answer: Yes, a cow and calf $4.50 paid to Mary Grimes.
13. Have you ever paid the bids [bills?] at same sale to any body?
[no answer recorded]
14. Did Mary Grimes ever make a final or any settlement of her administration amounts with the court?
Answer: I do not know and I don't think she did.
15. What amount of personal property and effects of the estate of John Grimes came to the _____ of Mary Grimes; how much did she sell of said property and how much remained ____ at the time of her death and what articles and _______?
Answer: Does not know. Kept ____________ cooking utensils
--How much money left in your hands at the time of Mary Grimes' death? answer about $48.
--And borrowed from Mr. Grimes $5.00 which remains unpaid. I collected $3 from Abner Ball from purchase he made at the sale. This sum I received after Mary Grimes' death.
--I have the skillet and bed bought at the sale.
Since most of the questions refer to the possessions and their sale, I include these probate documents because the answers are very hard to read.

These documents above and below show the sale of John and Mary Grimes possessions mostly to family members: Hoglen (Houghland?) Pete Caro/Carrico, Like, Crow, but also to neighbors (1830 St. Ferdinand census and other land documents) William Ellington, Jeremiah Ball, John Brown, Abner Ball, Charles Prewitt and Criswell. Some of the things listed, give me pause due to spelling "bead quilt"="bed quilt"; "wedding hoe"="weeding hoe". Some use old spellings like "looking glafs" That "f" is an old-fashioned "s". One that made me laugh was just me not reading it right "Lot of Logs $8.50" I thought, "wow, that's a lot for logs", and then realized it was "hogs" not "logs".
Read the next blog for Dwight's and my interpretation of the events.

We no longer believe that this John Graham/Grimes is related to our William Graham but will leave this information up to help others.

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