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Obituaries from G.E. Graham Bible

The obituary above is for Ephraim Graham (1882-1935) who was married to Myrta Kizzire who boren him one son Loren Graham. After his wife died, he married Ethel DeRock.(double-click to enlarge the obituaries) This does name his grandchildren: Thomas Edward Graham, Patricia Louzanne Graham and Ronald Eldon Graham.

In the George Erastus Family Bible were obituaries of many of his children. The one above is for their son Eddie Ellsworth Graham who was born January 13, 1875 and died in the Decatur County Hosptial July 13, 1944.
The above section mentions is brother Ephraim Graham and one grand-daughter preceded him in death.
Then it ends with the naming of his living brothers, sisters, and his in-laws. His own children were in the second paragraph: Clara Hullinger, Georgia Van Winkle, Raymond W. Graham, Lawrence E. Graham, Gerald E. Graham, and Naomi M. Graham.
Double click on these obituaries to read them. The one above and below is for Nathan Grant Graham born October 26, 1872. He first married Clara Bozarth in 1900. Then he married Cecil Sutherlin July 20, 1921. He died in Denver, Colorado March 25, 1946.
He had no children, but was survived by three sisters, three brothers and "one aged uncle Ben Graham of Lamoni, Iowa. . . "

The next obituary was for George Franklin Graham who was born July 19, 1880 and died June 24, 1956.

He married Ida Viola Skales December 4, 1902 who bore two daughters Merna Paulson and Vera Cloe. Ida died in 1906, but he married Maude Catherine Skales 23 November 1910. They had four children: Marjorie Thrembly, Richard Graham, Willard Graham, and Milford Graham.

Finally, there was Robert Arthur Graham (1878-11 Nov. 195?) Although he was married to Gertrude L. McNelly, he had no children.Somehow, I missed photographing a line or two:
They moved to an acreage northeast of Davis City where they resided 21 years. In 1949 they left the farm to make their home in Davis City.

Funeral services in charge of the Slade Funeral Home were held at the Brick church in Davis City Sunday with burial in the Leon cemetery.
Although we don't know who last had the Bible we do know the last obituary was George Franklin's in 1956. Also, someone was interested in genealogy, since notes were made on all of the above people. At the bottom of one page was written:
How's Kim?
How's Catherine's family?
We're with another realty co.
Orvel & Luella went back 2 weeks ago.
Whoever it is, I think we're related---I'm often writing thoughts down in CRAZY places. Especially before e-mail and cell phones, I'd make notes of what I wanted to say when I finally made that long-distance phone call. But, if someone finds this blog and sees those names, we may know who "lost" their family bible.

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