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John Graham's Probate I

We were pretty excited when David M. found this at the Carondelet Historical Society. I included a lot of the page so others can see the names listed on this same page: Chouteau, DeMun, Labaddie, St. Cyr, Soulard,Valle, Howdershell---all names of places, streets in the St. Louis area.
I was little nervous that this wasn't really our William Graham, but the document below convinced me---who else would be living around Big River in Jefferson County?

There are a few things that puzzle us about the document like why is it in John Graham's probate file but, I'll do my best to transcribe it and maybe someone can figure it out. Double click on the photo above to read it---let me know if you think I mis-read something:

For value received we or either of us bind ourselves our executors and administrators to Wm. Graham his heirs an assigns in the sum of two hundred dollars to be paid in four annual installments that is to say fifty dollars each year for four years in lawful money of the United States. Given under our hands and seals to this 11th day of May A. D. one thousand eight hundred and twenty-nine.

The condition of the above obligations is this viz that on condition that a certain tract of land situated on Big River in Big River Township Jefferson Co. Missouri State first settled by Elijah Benton and commonly known by the name of Wm. Grahams it of sale be confirmed to Mason and William Frissell or so that their heirs or assigns receive the full benefit of the confirmation then this obligation shall be in full force and virtue otherwise it shall be null and void. And in addition to the above conditions this is agreed upon between the parties that if expenses should occur to the confirmation that one half of the expense shall be deducted from this bond.
Mason Frissell (seal) William Frissell (seal)

In this same folder appears a note from M.C. LeDuc who I think is a clerk/translator of the court.
Vincent Carrico Administrator of the estate of John Graham to Mary S. Leduc clk dr
To drawing of talking and filing document $1.70
To letter of Administration $2.00
To administration of Oath ---.12 1/2
filing oath to appraisal of inventory ---.40
filing John Graham Senior's receipt---.20
$3.92 1/2

Received St. Louis August 26th 1815 of Vincent Carrico the above in full
M.C. LeDuc clk

Monsieur Le Duc has quite a flourish to his handwriting!
To Jacob Eastwood
Benjamin Quick
Daniel Quick

You are hereby appointed appraisers to view and appraise all the horses and stock and slaves of John Graham deceased which shall be produced to you by Vincent Carrico administrator of the said Estate, and to certify said appraisement under your hands.

I have the honor to be with consideration Gentlemen your ?????
M.C. LeDuc clk FLCCS

This one is more difficult to read:
Personally came the within named Jacob Eastwood, Benjamin Quick and Daniel Quick before me a justice of the peace and am duly sworn on the Holy ????? of Almighty God to Appraise the goods and chattles of within named John Graham to the best of their judgement given under my hand this 28th March 1814.
R.Chitwood Esq.

One note---at this point we weren't sure when John Graham had come to Missouri, but we had found that he had witnessed the burial of Jean Baptiste Carrico:
The 2nd of March One thousand eight hundred five has (?) by Parish clerk Louis Collin of this parish undersigned bury The late body in the cemetery of this Church Jean baptiste Carinko age about thirty (ane) native of Kentucky in America died yesterday (at) his home on Cold Water and that in presence several persons all of this parish which have signed with us apart from the undersigned. Charlie
Do X Jarlaie
marque Jean Louis mari
John Graham
Vincent Carrico
L. Collins

That told us several things----John Graham lived in the Cold Water area of what is now Florissant (St. Ferdinand Parish) in 1805, and he knew the Carrico family which had come from Kentucky. This above is a translation of the French in which it was originally recorded.

We currently believe this John Graham to not be related to our William Graham, but the information may help others.

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