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John Graham's Probate II

Filed 18 April 1814 John Graham Estate Inventory

Although it pains me to say this, Dwight is probably right. This is not the estate of William Graham's father but of his brother. There is a cemetery record for "Old Cathedral" that says "Jean 22 Dec. 1813 s/Jean & Marie McGauley" Translated into English that should read "John. . .son of John and Mary McGauley"

Buried nearby was "Margurite Graham 1 June 1818 18 yr wife of N. 23 Oct. 1807" I'm not sure what a lot of that means, but I do know that John Graham, Sr. had a daughter Margaret that eloped. The marriage only lasted a few years, because her husband Michael Connel re-married in 1819. So, that might have been her grave.

We don't know how John, Jr. died but if I were to guess, judging from the inventory of his estate---an accident---thrown from a horse. He had quite a collection of horses which would be the equivalent of cars today. And to further speculate, although he didn't live in Carondelet that we know of, at that time Carondelet was know for its horse racing. "They affectionately referred to the village as "Vice Poche", meaning "Empty pockets", a reference to either the financial status of the inhabitants or to that of visitors departing after gambling losses in Carondelet gaming houses." (from the Carondelet web-site)

But, this inventory also mentions $216 from the Paymaster which would indicate that he might have been military. Although I can't find him listed as a soldier, his father would have lived very close to Fort Bellefontaine, one of the forts used during the War of 1812. Perhaps he was a messenger or a scout of some kind.

Inventory appraisement of the personal Estate and Assets of John Graham (deceased) made be the Subscribers (?) on the twenty-eight day of March 1814 (Viz)
one Black mare $15.00
one Brown mare colt $15.00
one Brown Horse $30.00
one Dun Mare $16.00
one Brown Mare $27.00

one Rifle gun $15.00

one pair of Saddle bags $01.00 _______

Received from Mr. Douglas the paymaster $216.00

One note of hand on William Harding $1.37 1/2

$336.37 1/2

Vincent Carrico Administrator Jacob Eastwood Benjamin Quick (his mark) Daniel QuickReceived St. Louis 28th of March 1814 as heir of the within mentioned deceased John Graham the articles or property mentioned in the within appraisement amounting to one hundred nineteen dollar through the hands of Vincent Carricoe administrator of the estate of said deceased. Witnessed and sealed this date above Test M. E. LeDouc John Graham
125 Vincent Carrico
John Graham & John PorterBeneficiaries (???) Estate of John Graham
$400.00 March 19th 1814 The said administrator account the same being first examined by the clerk of said county and allowed by the court of common whereas of said county shall deliver and pay unto each person or persons respectively as the said court of commons pleas by their decree or sentence pursuant to the true intent and meaning of the law shall limit, appoint, and if it shall hereafter appear that any last will or testament was made by the said deceased and the Executor or Executors therein named, do exhibit the same into the office of the clerk of said court of commons pleas making request to have it allowed and approved, acc???? if the said Vincent Carrico within ????? being thereunto required as render and deliver the said letter of administration, approbation of each testament being first had and made in the office of the said clerk as before the common pleas according to the Law; then this obligation to be void and of none effect or else to remain in full force and virtue.

The word "after" ????? the word "other" cancelled before signing

Charles Lucas Vincent Carrico
John Graham
John Porter (his mark)

So, that leaves us with a few questions: What happened to John Graham, Sr.? Why was William Graham's document in this folder? Why was John Graham, Jr buried at the Old Cathederal---if he was living in north county with his dad, he would have been in St. Ferdinand parish? At least I know the answers to a few questions---William Graham had at least two siblings (John and Margaret), his parents were John Graham and Mary McGauley and his siblings were buried in a Catholic cemetery because to settle in St. Louis in the 1790's, the family had to convert to Catholicism. We should feel blessed that someone stuck that document concerning William Graham in that folder.

Oh, and the lawyer Charles Lucas---he had an interesting life and death, too.

We no longer believe this John Graham and Mary McGauley are the parents of William Graham, our ancestor. Hope this article helps somebody who is related to them.

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