Monday, March 22, 2010

Morgan Family Photos

One of the nice things about this blog is when people google a name, they find my blog. SOMETIMES, those people contact me and send me stories and photos which I wouldn't have otherwise had. The photo above is my husband's great-grandfather Harvey Morgan.

Tracie who is the great-great-grandchild of Felix Morgan (Harvey's son and Harry B. Morgan's brother) sent me these photos. She is not sure who the photo above is---because it's tin-type, no name was written on it. She thinks it may also be Harvey.

Here is a photo of Felix Morgan and his wife Rebecca Martella Jackson---1932 in Davy, West Virginia.
The photo above is the home in Davy, West Virginia.
This is also Felix and Rebecca Morgan. Their great-great granddaughter wrote me:
A lot of stuff was lost when Uncle Fred's wife died - Edna. As they had no children, her niece/nephew was in charge of the estate and sold everything at auction. Most of the pictures were thrown away. No contact was made with any of the Morgan relatives to see if anyone wanted anything....Uncle Fred was a collector of many things and it was sad to think of some of the stuff being gone...but especially the pictures.

As I stated before - I am the granddaughter of James Ellison Lowe and Lucy Hammer Lowe, son of Cora Catherine Morgan and Edward Herman Lowe - Cora was Felix' daughter.

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