Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Roy Long's postcards home 1918

These post cards are from Roy Long to his parents while he was in training before he went overseas in 1918. To see the post cards larger, double click; then, use your back arrow to come back to this page. I will attempt to transcribe each post card, but the handwriting and fading of those done in pencil make it very hard. Please let me know if you don't think I've transcribed it correctly. The first one is to his father "T. H. Long" note the address "Desoto, Mo".
"Feb. 17, 1918 S. Carolina

I thought_____ you _____ this to let you [know] that well. hope you are the same. You spoke about ______ you want to they haven stoped them at all. They go even of the week. I got wine Tuesday. It is all might send him if you wants."

This next post card, also from Roy in South Carolina is to his mother "Mrs. Mary C. Long"

May 18, 1918 S. Car

Dear Mother,
I thought would write you a few lines to let you now that I am well and that I received the cake you sent me and it was all OK. Your son Roy
We are moving______I don't know where____. [postmark says "New York"]
The next one is from Augusta, Georgia

"Dear Father,
I thought send you a card to let you now that I am well and hope it finds you the same. I like fine here as far as I now you. From your son Roy M. Long [what follows is his rank and company---not sure if I got it right]Co. B3rd RODN Comp Air corps Augusta Ga"

Thanks to my sister, Jane, who shared this post cards.

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