Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fry Family Reunion: 1969 Jamaica Queen

The Fry Family took a cruise to Jamaica in 1969. Again, the Morgans did not attend, but I do have a report of the cruise probably written by Mildred Fry. The section above tells about their meeting at the Howard Johnson Hotel before boarding the Jamaica Queen :
"after a l-o-n-g, h-o-t wait in line. At 4:45 P.M. we bade Miami good-bye among streamers, confetti and music. Hardly had we gotten our breath and cleared the harbor, when we were instructed in a ships drill as to what to do in case of trouble, abandon ship, etc. Everyone looked very fetching in their orange life jackets. Some clown was circulating trying to bribe women and children to let him go first in the lifeboat. Guess who?"

Double click on any of the photos of documents for more details---the section above is about the entertainment aboard the ship including a costume party which Alfreda and Alderson participated in.
This section tells about the Captain's Dinner: "At the close of the dinner, all the lights were turned out and thee waiters came in bearing the dessert, Baked Alaska, topped with sparklers. All very festive and fun. The Frys toasted the Vogts with champagne for being "such jolly good fellows" and for arranging the trip."

Then, there's a description of Kingston comparing it to West Virginia. Below, describes Port Antonio and the "Family Meeting".
Below are the minutes of the meeting including a statement of how Irene wanted to be "memorialized." She outlived most of her younger siblings dying at 100 years old.

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