Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fry Reunion 1961: Islamorada, Florida

In contrast to Phil's brief, business-like note, Eloise wrote three pages to introduce and inform the family about the Fry Reunion of 1961 at Islamorada, Florida "100 miles south from the southern exit of the Florida Sunshine Parkway. . . .80 miles north from Key West on U.S. I". She, first, discusses Hurricane Donna which hit there Sept. 1, 1960. Then, she describes the vicinity and the 9 efficiency apartments which she had requested.

She then describes each apartment and the amenities: shuffleboard, sunning beach ("remember you will be living on a reef of coral"), boat dock ("with a long enough rod you can fish from the bedroom window"). She, also, tells them that there are boats available for renting.

"We inquired about man's natural enemy, the mosquito, and Mr. Cucklew stated that a community spraying co-op plan practically makes the area clear of the winged pests. Let's hope so, anyway."
This section of the letter mentions the businesses down the road and tells a little about the Bucklews who own the resort. The price would be $3 per person per day. The big question, though, was whether to have the reunion in July or August.
Eloise would have preferred the reunion in August because so many of the "children" were college age and needed to work. She comments,"We have found that leaving a young person at home to 'batch' for himself is just as expensive as taking them along besides suffering the anxiety about their welfare while they are home alone."

Then, she invites everyone who wants to see some of Miami to stay with Grover's brothers Paul and Lowell who both have pools . She also discusses how sad she is at Hurricane Donna's destruction.
Finally, she re-assures everyone there are no bargains in South Florida during August despite "the fantastic tales". She discusses Aunt Zela's move and requests that the form at the bottom of the page be returned before Christmas.
The newspaper article below indicates the reunion was held July 2-9. Also, it does not mention Dave's name---he insists he was there, but Harry had to stay home because he had a job at Emerson.

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