Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fry Genealogy

Thanks to Suzy and Buddy Fry for bringing this information to the reunion last week. Double click on the pages below in order to enlarge them. This first page begins with William Fry b. 1528 in Corston, Wiltshire England and 12 generations later there's Isaac Henry Fry b. 1877 in Peterstown, WV.

I haven't uploaded any more of the pages because it has information about people who are or could be living. I have entered a lot of this information in my Family Tree program and done some research. I hope Suzy isn't disappointed in finding I found William's parents: John Frye and Agnes Light, his grandparents (John Frye and Johanna), and his great-grandparents (Richard Fry and Joan Beauford). SCREEEEECH! (the sound of brakes)

The name "Beauford" stopped me in my tracks, I took a big, deep breath and plunged on into this on-line family tree. It took me exactly where I thought it would lead: The Plantagenets. Why am I stopping? Everyone wants to wind up with the Plantagenets because that takes your family tree practically back to Christ. So, I always take royal lines with a grain of salt---could be faulty research, could be wishful thinking, could be the wrong side of the blanket. I have to say I don't believe it. I've looked in reputable British genealogical records and can't even see that Richard Fry and Joan Beauford had children!

So, unless I've actually done the research, I stop. But, this could be a huge kink in Suzy's numbering system since I've gone back to not only the King of England but the King of Spain born in the early 1200's. . . . Although it would be fun to include Fulk the Younger of Anjou (son of Fulk the Rude) who died in Acre Israel (10 Nov 1143). Maybe I should have said Plantagenents take you back to the Holy Lands and the King of Jerusalem.

Addendum Sept. 2016:  Screeching is right.  This is not the Fry family we are related to.  We were Frey who was a Mennonite from Switzerland.  :-)

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