Monday, February 23, 2009

Lowell and Garner Morgan, musicians

Lowell and Garner Morgan were the youngest of H.B.Morgan's sons. Garner's daughter Leah sent these photos to me. I think it's interesting they are the only young ones with dark jackets. I guess when you are the youngest of 6 sons, you have plenty of jackets to choose from. The photos were by Bollinger's Leston, W. Va. The recital was believed to be held in Princeton, W.Va.
Lowell Thomas Morgan played piano.
Garner Richard Morgan played violin.
We aren't sure whose musical evaluation this is, but assume it was for Garner since Leah had it. The competition was held in Bluefield, W. Va on April 17.
Here is another evaluation. I don't know about Lowell but Garner did continue in music as an adult singing in his church choir and even composing music for his church.


Leah Morgan Korbel said...

Oh I love it! Jaci, thank you for tying in his continued music! K should send you a picture of the harpsichord he built. Actually one for his church and one that he built which I now have in my living room!

DaveM said...

I don't remember Garner playing, but many times I saw Lowell - and Lucy - around 1950-51 playing on the grand piano in the living room / parlor of the "Big House" at the farm in Princeton. Much later, both were pianists / organists for their church in North Miami.