Monday, February 16, 2009

Louise Wicker Long and U.S. Presidents

My mother Louise Wicker Long wrote this two years ago---her reflections on politics and U.S. Presidents. The above photo is of Louise and Tab (?) in first grade. (Double click below to make larger then, use the back arrow to come to this page again) This first page is about politics and elections when she was a child in Arkansas.
The second page is about Franklin Roosevelt and when she moved to St. Louis.
The last page is about Roosevelt through Kennedy. I do have to make one correction: the CCC stands for "Civil Conservation Corps" not "Conversation Corp", but she's correct at what they did. The Pere Marquette Lodge (as well as the one at Grand Canyon) were built by the CCC.

The last word was supposed to be "Catholic" but she mis-spelled it and never got around to re-writing it. And we wonder where we got attention deficit. . . .
I love the photo above---it looked just like my mother even at 87 years old! I'm sure my grandmother Vennie made the dress---she was quite the seamstress. Click here for more on my grandmother's sewing. I'm not sure if Louise is supposed to be Betsy Ross or Martha Washington, but I decided this photo was appropriate for President's Day.

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