Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Letters from Ellice June 8, 1945

Photos were May, 1945 at H.B. and Ellice Morgan's farm in Princeton, West Virginia.
May 13, 1945, Princeton West Virginia, H.B. Morgan with Davis and Harry Morgan

We just found a folder of more letters to Grover from his parents covering June-October 1945. To catch you up, Paul and Grover are in the army, Garner has just graduated from high school, Lowell is still at home. I think Clifford and Mason are in Prenter, West Virginia which is where H.B. Morgan lived during the week. (Double click on the pages below to see them larger, then use the back arrow to return to this page)

This next letter has the same date, but after reading it, I think it should be July 8, 1945 because Ellice talks about "the 4th".

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