Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jim's Cycling Memories

From my brother James Long:

"Jaci's me to looking around this AM....This is what I found of Dad's Cycling Gear. I am sure I have a few other things....just need to look harder. Dad did take me to several CRC Bike Parties...even went cycling at the Penrose Park Velodrome Track on a couple of Saturdays. Then came the big over ...back to Swimming.
Now lets get in the mind of a 10 yr old: Cycling - Hot...hard work...falling hurts vs Swimming- always can you fall and get hurt swimming?"

Click here to see a photo of the Velodrome which is still in use. If you want more information on its history and construction, click here.

I recall going with Dad to a biking event at the Velodrome (built in 1961) which might have been Jim's race. To Dad's disappointment, we all became swimmers not cyclists. But, I have to add that my brother did lose a few teeth diving into pools, too.

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