Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wicker's Barbecue--Facebook memories

Remembering when. I remember when Peck Wicker started bottling Wickers's BBQ Sauce. He converted a wringer washing machine into a mixer. How do I know, I saw them making it. Frank Vandiver, Mrs. Effie Tinnin help him make it!
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  • Anne Grey Hart Yes! Jim still marinates pork & poultry with Wicker's
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  • Jewette Thomas Battles It is Weight Watchers approved. I can just see in my mind's eye, the set up Peck had back in "the day" for serving it.
  • Anne Grey Hart So can I! We use Wicker's BBQ Sauce all year!
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  • Jetta Wilkins Skillern We use it all the time.
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  • Jewette Thomas Battles I graduated high school with Glen Allen. He called me a few weeks back. We enjoyed a long conversation about away back when. I am so glad that he has Wicker's.
  • Barbara Keating Wheeler   My Mom used to work for Peck. She helped bottle the sauce and also worked at the pit.
  • Jewette Thomas Battles Maybe Hornersville needs to have a Wicker's BBQ Festival
  • Betty Howell A festival would be fun. Remember the watermelon festivals. They were lots of fun working on floats and mostly just having fun. I use wickers also. In fact I'm cooking a pork butt with wickers at this very minute.
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  • Margaret Ward Massey Yes, by all means, use Wickers - however, they have a rival called Sassy Jones which is bottled here in the town nearby us (Montrose, AR). So, I try to be loyal to both! LOL
  • Jewette Thomas Battles A Wicker festival would include all Hornersville offspring not just alumni.
  • Ed Williams When I was in my first or second year at Ole Miss, I was in the library reading the New York Times and saw that the restaurant reviewer Craig Claiborne had written about Wicker's Barbecue, and he loved it as much as I did. Figuring that not everybody in Hornersville was reading the New York Times, I copied the review and sent it to Peck. Next time I was home, we went to Wicker's to eat and Peck thanked me for it. He'd had new menus printed that noted the review. Before we ate, Peck said, come over here, Eddie boy, I've got something for you. He led me to the soft drink cooler, pointed in and said, go ahead, take anything you want. Not overly generous, one might think, but Peck did his part for the community by producing barbecue that was, as the menu described it, "the taste sensation beyond imagination." Marcie Cohen Ferris, a UNC American studies professor who grew up in Blytheville, also mentions Wicker's as a place her family liked in her book "Matzoh Ball Gumbo, Culinary Tales of the Jewish South."
  • Winston W. BéLisle Ha, wonder if they're using that wringer washer to make it now a days?
  • Steve Holsten Prolly not since they now contract out the bottling in Memphis nowadays.
  • Winston ooooW. BéLisle o oh.... bet it still in Hornersville at their place there then. Sorta like a museum piece now a days..that's be good in the City Museum now!
  • Marsha Martin Peck Wicker's nephew sat behind me at a jazz & ballet recital in Flint,MI. He was watching his daughter,a recent HS grad,perform what my niece had taught her...pretty neat
  • Marsha Martin It got us his peach cobbler recipe
  • Jewette Thomas Battles I can tell you the old days were more fun. Peck, Frank and Matt Vandiver and Peck's mother-in-law Mrs. Tinnin made the sauce. Mattie Vandiver made the slaw for Peck. I remember seeing the old wringer washing machine in action with I was girl.

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