Friday, August 2, 2013

Fry-Alderson Photos

 Suzy brought a huge box of photos and documents to the family reunion which I was able to photograph.  This album had a lot of Alderson photos including one of Aletha Peters Jones who was my husband's great-great grandmother.  But the one below is of Alice Alderson and Isaac Henry Fry's oldest children: Irene, Alfreda, Alderson, Phil, Hale and Donald.
There were also photos of Alice and her family.  Below is her mother Mollie C. Jones Alderson (Mary)

 There were several photos of Alice.  The one below on the left is inscribed Alice 5 years old--the one on the right says Edna 2 years old. But, a birth certificate shows that Alice's name was originally Edna Alice not Alice Eloise which she was known by.


On the right is her brother Otis 8 years old (November 1881) and  
Alice's sister Evalina (Lena) is on the left 6 1/2 years old (November 1881)
 Then there were several photos of relatives:  L. N. Alderson (or L.M?) and a pretty lady below who looks so much like my husband and his mother. Below her are Fanny Alderson McClung and Prudence McClung.

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