Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Letter from Ellice 25 Oct. 1954

Cincinnati, Ohio
Between the last set of letters (Oct. 1945) and this set of letters, the Grover D. Morgan Family moved from Louisiana to live in an apartment on the property of Ellice and Harry B. Morgan. They didn't write letters to each other living next door, but by 1954, the Harry B. Morgan's had moved to Miami and the Grover D. Morgan Family had moved to Cincinnati, Ohio.
Oh, the Grover D. Morgan Family had grown to three sons---Harry, Dave and Tom!

This first page tells about Lowell returning home---he'd been in Germany for two years.
The second page tells about fishing with Paul and "the boys" and Libby and Mason are expecting a new baby in January.
The last page says that Garrett is working and Garner is getting married!
Dave, Tom and Harry Morgan

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