Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Letter from Charlie Lalumnondier

Above is my dad's cousin Martha McKay Lalumondier with her husband Charlie. This is at my grandparent's place on Flad. Martha accompanied my mother to Portland, Oregon early in 1945 by train so Mom could see Dad before he shipped overseas. Mother promised her that if she got pregnant and she had a girl the girl would be named after her. Well, I didn't get the name "Martha", but I did get her middle name "Ann" added to Dad's name: "LeAnn".
Again "Mart" is Martha McKay and "Arkie" is my mother Louise Wicker Long (her nick name because she came from Arkansas). The photo below was taken when dad was home which Charles mentions, but I'm not sure when. One of the interesting parts about this is that he warns Dad to stay out of the "P.T.'s" made famous by John F. Kennedy. P.T's were patrol boats armed with torpedos---they had to get close to the enemy and then fire. They had a great risk of being blown up before that happened.
He, too, mentions Bob and Gladys expecting. Charlie would be the uncle of the baby. He also mentions Charlie Maupin who was Dad and Martha's cousin. Below is another photo of Martha with one of my mother's friends Rosemary behind her.

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